The Spoonbill Generator

Lenten Orgy

A pint of gin to steel the nerves [Apsley]

A shot of vodka to conserve [ellie]

The tonsils, and a quart of beer [fester]

The better to preserve my sneer [P]

Was all I ever craved [Apsley]

Amphetamines to stay awake [fester]

The long long nights without a sheikh [Apsley]

Or, even yet, a Grand Mufti [fester]

Who might be prone to a shufty [Apsley]

But which of us is saved? [P]

A pint of coffee wards off sleep [fester]

When force-fed to a drunk Bo-Peep [Apsley]

Who now regrets the drunken brawl [P]

When she bit off Mike Tyson's balls [Anon.]

(...With good intentions paved?) [Padmavyuha]

Some carrot-cake staves off the pangs [Apsley]

Of hunger for orang-utangs [fester]

But will not feed an ocelot [Apsley]

Nor would I give my boss a lot [fester]

Until his legs are shaved [Mary]

Contributors: Apsley, ellie, fester, P, Anon., Padmavyuha, Mary.
Poem finished: 17th November 2001.