The Spoonbill Generator

Entropy Without Harlots

Interlinear is the best [Apsley]

Little whorehouse in the West [Surlaw]

I go there for a long hard snort [Apsley]

At weekends when I'm o'er-raught [Surlaw]

The girls there are a sassy kind [Apsley]

Who do not care what's on your mind [Surlaw]

But only what lies in the wallet [Apsley]

And inside the what-y'may-call-it [Surlaw]

Such periphrasis is not their style [Apsley]

They favour gin, not camomile [Surlaw]

They wear their skirts around their hips [Apsley]

Amd spend the night in rubbish-skips [Surlaw]

With pillows made from blown-up condoms [Apsley]

AbandonnÚs par les grands-hommes [Esrom]

Who only speak of French a little [Apsley]

When their mouths are choked with spittle [Surlaw]

Interlinear stole my heart [Apsley]

Then upset mine applecart [Surlaw]

When from its hostelry I fled [Apsley]

And left my liver in the bed [Surlaw]

Than from me they got more sense [Apsley]

With every epigram immense [Surlaw]

By flattening it a thousandfold [Apsley]

With massive myths so long untold [Surlaw]

But I was hustler number one [Apsley]

Who purchased candles by the ton [Surlaw]

(Preferring not the metric kind) [Apsley]

And hooch by diverse tricks refined [Surlaw]

(By fire made mortal, then reviled) [Apsley]

To effervesce within each child [Surlaw]

As a glowing hard-boiled egg [Apsley]

To swell the bosom, stretch the leg, [Surlaw]

Just as in those novels by Camus [Apsley]

(What a Gallic ignoramus!) [Surlaw]

Where Rieux chased the giant fox, [Apsley]

And Jean Tarrou foreswore the pox [Surlaw]

(Such men as they can Time forget? [Apsley]

Their silence, or their silhouette?) [Surlaw]

In dreams like these I spent long hours [Apsley]

Until I lost all earthly powers [Surlaw]

Interlinear - the Surrealists' way [Apsley]

We have no option but obey ! [Surlaw]

Magritte! (Breton?) Masters all! [Apsley]

We have no choice but heed their call ! [Surlaw]

Thus, in dreams' resouceful pot, [Apsley]

Interlinear hits the spot [Surlaw]

Interlinear: need I commend [Apsley]

The sailor to the sailor's friend [Surlaw]

The hammock to the length of rope [Apsley]

The barmaid to the bar of soap? [Surlaw]

Contributors: Apsley, Surlaw, Esrom.
Poem finished: 15th November 2001.