The Spoonbill Generator

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The cabbage roared to see the mouse [Apsley]

Urinating on his house [fester]

Urinating from his throne [loaf]

Flooding the cabbage's fine home [fester]

With detritus, vile and rank [Apsley]

The mouse ignored the wrathful plant [fester]

Singing still a gleeful chant [dkb]

Singing up and peeing down [fester]

Wetting cabbage's fierce frown [ellie]

Until it made him soiled - he stank! [Apsley]

The slimy, smelly cabbage cried [fester]

His home defiled, his rage defied [Apsley]

His home reviled, pee in his leaves [fester]

(No good suggestions from Ask Jeeves!) [Apsley]

As the mouse planned another prank [fester]

Contributors: Apsley, fester, loaf, dkb, ellie.
Poem finished: 13th November 2001.