The Spoonbill Generator

Television Penis Disenfranchisement

Born with magic pubic hair [fester]

And abundant underwear [Roland]

He doesn't really need to care [fester]

What urchins seize the pump; [Roland]

"Magic pubes! Make them all go!" [fester]

The filaments begin to grow [Roland]

And bound the urchins head to toe [fester]

An irksome, yelling clump. [Roland]

With a "pop!" they disappeared [fester]

Swifter than a spider's beard [loaf]

- O, the spectacle was weird: [dkb]

It beggars credence quite [Roland]

Chanting now his powerful spells [fester]

There amid the sulphur smells [dkb]

As each follicle now swells [fester]

And glows with eerie light [dkb]

And if Afghans now should dare [fester]

To coat the public derrière [loaf]

With the pelt of hare or bear [dkb]

What chaos might ensue? [Roland]

Can the pubes prevent a war? [fester]

What they'll do, they did before: [Roland]

Crush and bomb my brush and comb! [Apsley]

(And parts of Asia too) [fester]

Osma bin Laden? (Such bad form!) [E Greejius]

He's scared of pubes, we are informed [fester]

For Taleban, that's just the norm [Beefy]

From Kabul to Kandahar [fester]

Contributors: fester, Roland, loaf, dkb, Apsley, E Greejius, Beefy.
Poem finished: 1st November 2001.