The Spoonbill Generator

Culling Ear-Trumpets by the Ganges

When Nylon paves the way for silk [Roland]

Hungry thieves go hunting milk [Apsley]

When aspartame precedes honey [dkb]

My sense of vision all goes funny [Apsley]

When vinyl goes for finest hide [dkb]

I lose all sense of personal pride [Apsley]

When plastic stands in place of wood [dkb]

I eat a lot more than I should [Roland]

When lager moves ahead of ale [dkb]

I judge it quite beyond the pale [loaf]

When doggerel takes over verse [dkb]

Our joint effusions can't get worse [Roland]

When to the summons of sweet Time's court [Apsley]

I'll have another glass of port [dkb]

Contributors: Roland, Apsley, dkb, loaf.
Poem finished: 5th October 2001.