The Spoonbill Generator

Misconduct With Whosoever Chooseth

Welcome to the conversation [P]

Mutely whispered through the haze [Roland]

Between two parties, each of whom [P]

Was absent many days [Roland]

Welcome to the slight confusion [P]

Lodged in every archive-box [Roland]

To create a heightened sense [P]

Of wearing ill-matched socks [loaf]

Welcome to misapprehension [dkb]

Understood, but not that well [fester]

By the Sultan of Dundee [Apsley]

Aboard the Brighton Belle [fester]

Welcome to mine ultimatum: [Roland]

Shouted loud to none at all [fester]

"Liberate your former lung-scape!" [Roland]

Else there's nothing left at all [Apsley]

Contributors: P, Roland, loaf, dkb, fester, Apsley.
Poem finished: 2nd October 2001.