The Spoonbill Generator

Dagenham Cakeshop

Tie me to the lamp-post with a silken thread [Apsley]

Drawn from your unravelling chemise [Roland]

To hold me faster than any prison cell [fester]

And bind me eternally to your longing [Apsley]

And deafen me forever to your pleas [Roland]

Which echo ever plaintively inside my head [Apsley]

Buzzing loudly like a swarm of bees [fester]

Escaping from the brightest fires of Hell [Apsley]

Or, like a plague of locusts, thronging [fester]

'Round a plate of processed peas [Apsley]

Deafened, I've forgotten what it was you said [fester]

When you sent me to request Denise [Apsley]

To book my tickets for the Brighton Belle [Roland]

(Which I once sang a drunken song in) [Fatty]

And vomit in the depths of my valise [Roland]

Contributors: Apsley, Roland, fester, Fatty.
Poem finished: 28th September 2001.