The Spoonbill Generator

Cartwright's Innocence Unleashed

Along the mute canal [Roland]

The Rat walked with his pal [fester]

Beyond the second bend [Roland]

They met another friend [fester]

Then, floating in the scum [Roland]

The body of a chum [fester]

Foreshadowing their fate [Roland]

Consumed with After Eight [Apsley]

Through the lazy fields [KD Johnson]

A giant parcels wields [Apsley]

Its iron-fisted glove [dkb]

In love itself with love [Apsley]

Then, just around the bend [dkb]

Where willows deftly bend, [Apsley]

It finds itself unwrapped [dkb]

By hope that can't be capped [Apsley]

Behind the market square [Beefy]

Goats wander, with no care [Apsley]

For who, or when or whom [dkb]

They fasten to their silken loom, [Apsley]

Entangled in their many hircine snares [dkb]

In sight of hungry grizzly bears [Apsley]

Drawn by the scent of honey [dkb]

Into futures none too sunny [Apsley]

Contributors: Roland, fester, Apsley, KD Johnson, dkb, Beefy.
Poem finished: 24th September 2001.