The Spoonbill Generator

Kylie, Dark Illusion

I unfolded my favourite handkerchief slowly [Apsley]

Until it filled the entire carriage [dkb]

Its embroidery impressed none in one so lowly [Apsley]

I got no proposals of marriage. [dkb]

I discovered a penchant for speaking in metre [Beefy]

Until it entrapped me in vices [Apsley]

It's true what they say, that forbidden fruit's sweeter [dkb]

And tastes as if seasoned with spices [Apsley]

I exploded with rage at the change in the weather [TG]

Until it began to get cooler [dkb]

It's very frustrating - can't get my head together [Beefy]

Now where did I put my medulla? [dkb]

The guard was uncertain - what could it all mean? [Apsley]

Until it, at last, was apparent [dkb]

That the serf in the second-last passionate scene [Apsley]

Was driving the other Maclaren. [dkb]

Contributors: Apsley, dkb, Beefy, TG.
Poem finished: 4th September 2001.