The Spoonbill Generator

Seaside Hallucination (Felixstowe Docks)

The shores of sand stood up and waved [fester]

The ripples sang their gentle song [dkb]

How long the navvies hard had slaved! [Apsley]

They'd laboured there all winter long. [dkb]

They'd built a castle out of shells [fester]

With seaweed flags that proudly flew [dkb]

There, by the ocean's ebbs and swells, [fester]

A springtime sky of lambent blue [dkb]

Contrasted with the pearly white [fester]

Teeth of the grinning navvy crew [dkb]

Who gave the natives quite a fright [Apsley]

Because their teeth, painted anew [fester]

Each day by dentists at the site [fester]

By now were almost twice as large [dkb]

As those that glisten in the night [Apsley]

Or those that set sail on a barge [dkb]

To make their fortunes in Rangoon [fester]

Where pesants beg in dusty wear [Apsley]

Or silk (derived from moth's cocoon) [dkb]

Infests and clutters every stair [Apsley]

And Burmese cats with shiny fur [fester]

Weave through the forests with their kin [Apsley]

With daunting wail or friendly purr [dkb]

They make a really horrid din [fester]

That scares the birds for miles around [dkb]

And sends them crashing to the ground [Beefy]

Contributors: fester, dkb, Apsley, Beefy.
Poem finished: 10th August 2001.