The Spoonbill Generator

Impertinent Desires

The Scandinavian roll-mop [Apsley]

Is a helical herring whose accent lilts [Yoxi]

(Unlike those hairy men with kilts) [Apsley]

The sideward-swimming roll-mop [dkb]

Denies all papal authority [Apsley]

(Until the age of majority) [dkb]

When it casts its vote for Bono [Apsley]

The piquant, pickled roll-mop [dkb]

Wrote a novel about space and time [Apsley]

(Unlike Proust's work it also rhymed) [fester]

And cast its vote for Yoko Ono [loaf]

Contributors: Apsley, Yoxi, dkb, fester, loaf.
Poem finished: 27th July 2001.