The Spoonbill Generator

Arctic Charlie

When singing to potatoes, the cowboy always stutters; [Apsley]

"I will l-l-love you Desiree, my d-d-darling one, [Fatty]

C-c-come and be my dear, you l-l-lovely one!" [Apsley]

He swears that he'll love her more than any new "patutter" [fester]

The cowboy was a lonesome soul, and rode from state to state [Apsley]

Searching fields of vegetables for perfect single spuds [B]

And, in so doing, finding heaps and heaps of what were duds: [Apsley]

"If only I could find a Sweet who'd take me on a date." [B]

This cowboy, then, was not the kind to stir the heart of Man - [Apsley]

Fortunately, he would say, for that was not his bag [Grayman]

His motivations lay in looking for a simple shag [B]

(To grab a Spud and mash it quickly was his plan) [fester]

Contributors: Apsley, Fatty, fester, B, Grayman.
Poem finished: 18th July 2001.