The Spoonbill Generator

I'm Washing Pyjamas for Lunatics

Drunken badgers and their TVs [Hamish]

Damage your eyesight and spread fleas [Fatty]

Into the garden and beyond [Apsley]

Evil clowns and witless poets [Fatty]

Are among the few who know it's [P]

True that a fern can be your frond [Fatty]

Fragrant archers and their spouses [Apsley]

Tell the truth in public houses [Fatty]

About a meeting with a blonde [P]

Garish frogs and jumped-up toads [Apsley]

Seldom contribute to odes [dkb]

Unless they are about a pond [Fatty]

Howling dish-cloths in the sink [Apsley]

Shout out more sense than you might think [Fatty]

To those who wave a magic-wand [Apsley]

I may eight ken, but do not know [Hamish]

Where I am rightly from or go [Apsley]

Yet still I am a vagabond [Fatty]

Jugs of cream and flowing pitchers [Apsley]

Poured by Frauleins wearing britches [Fatty]

- I just don't know how to respond [Apsley]

Harrods hampers, bags of tenners [Fatty]

Meditating with the Zenners [Beefy]

Those mechanistic clouds of despond [Apsley]

Contributors: Hamish, Fatty, Apsley, P, dkb, Beefy.
Poem finished: 28th June 2001.