The Spoonbill Generator

Are You the Last Paradigm?

In France, there is a little town [Fatty]

Where all the sheep dress in a gown; [Apsley]

And all the women graze the grass [Fatty's]

And look at pigeons, o alas! [Apsley]

The pigeons wink at all the boys [Fatty]

And their wizened ugly toys; [Apsley]

The streets are paved with garlic cloves [Fatty]

Which citizens despise in droves [Apsley]

The citizens eat lots of snails [Fatty]

With all the slurping that entails [dkb]

Then they fall upon the pavement [Apsley]

For their evening's entertainment [Fatty]

The cheese and wine soon start to flow [dkb]

From Burgundy and eke Bordeaux [Beefy]

Such wine they quaff as is not measured [Apsley]

Such nights are to be treasured. [Curt!]

And what the name of this dear town? [Apsley]

For that information I'd pay half a crown [Curt!]

Just to be there with a beer in my hand [Apsley]

Beside those Frenchies I can't stand [Hamish]

I'm not a boor or even phobic [Apsley]

But gibbering Frogs make me feel so sick [Fatty]

Though I'll eat of their cheese with pleasure and joy [Apsley]

Their vile, stinky bodies do tend to annoy [Fatty]

Yet, back in the town, bunting abounds [Apsley]

The air is filled with joyous sounds [Beefy]

Children skitter idly to and fro [Apsley]

Beneath the wheels of passing deux chevaux [Beefy]

The mutton is roasting, the hog is awake [Apsley]

The children still living are baking a cake [Fatty]

They think it will feed both the quick and the dead [Apsley]

And banish alll xenophobes back to their bed [Roland]

For this is the country that nature forgot [Apsley]

A small zone of mud as big as a dot [P]

A place that's never too cold or too hot [Fatty]

Unless you're a prune or a rare ocelot! [Apsley]

Contributors: Fatty, Apsley, Fatty's, dkb, Beefy, Curt!, Hamish, Roland, P.
Poem finished: 19th June 2001.