The Spoonbill Generator


He is bald and bespectacled [Alfred the Great]

He appears like a Twat [Anon.]

Smooth is his pate like the face of a cricket bat! [Algernon]

He often drives his car through the field, ignoring thew sign that says [LloydGrossman]

'Yield' you scoundril from over the way [Anon.]

He's an illegal immigrant from SA [Errol]

"No I'm not " I hear him say.... [Anon.]

Errols as annoying as an old mans welly [brumby]

He is quite loud and disurbs you watching your telly [truth]

at lest he is clean unlike Dean who was smelly! [Dean]

Errol gets mad when you say he's a schmuck [Trondheim]

and when he's annoyed he often says "Thats not fair" [Albert]

Its always the way when peoples head grows through their hair. [Thomas]

Contributors: Alfred the Great, Anon., Algernon, LloydGrossman, Errol, brumby, truth, Dean, Trondheim, Albert, Thomas.
Poem finished: 17th May 2001.