The Spoonbill Generator

Flange Matrix - Paradise Of The Stars

Bubbles float up grassy-treed slopes [DonnyJ]

Winking and blinking, blinking and winking [Beefy]

Troubled sloths relinquishing hopes [dkb]

Into the slime-filled bucket that's sinking [Apsley]

Into the mire where bicycles lurk [Beefy]

Plotting evil as they're drinking [fester]

With the cousin of the Turk [Apsley]

the bird sings softly in the brease [Anon.]

Halfwits pen most arrant piffle [Apsley]

While imagining words of gold [dart]

Theirs the world on which I whiffle [Apsley]

Where ignorance unbridled gows [Del Playa DeBaucher]

Larger each day as the morons march by [TG]

Is the size of my really very large pie [Apsley]

And sad men, walking like sages, have no home [DonnyJ]

So lay down in the street to die [Beefy]

And thus, in vain, [Apsley]

I write again [fester]

The letters that the Pharoahs banned [Apsley]

Stick figures dance across the page. [Curt!]

I end with this, in bitter rage... [Apsley]

Where is the scansion, where the rhyme? [TG]

Where the cat, all smeared with thyme? [Apsley]

Where is the sense? And where the prunes? [Beefy]

Down in the mouth, or high in the dunes? [Apsley]

Where is the wombat, where the 'roo? [Beefy]

Questions and questions, from me and from you! [Apsley]

Noble spoonbill probe deep with your bill [Bernard]

and show us your girth with a view to give birth [Jason]

To a whale [Apsley]

Contributors: DonnyJ, Beefy, dkb, Apsley, fester, Anon., dart, Del Playa DeBaucher, TG, Curt!, Bernard, Jason.
Poem finished: 14th May 2001.