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Lost Meanings of Turkestan

Show me a mirror and I'll [B]

Show you a fool [Beefy]

Show me a book and I'll [Anastasia]

Burn down your oak [Apsley]

Tell me a story and I'll [Beefy]

Tell you a joke [fester]

Tell me a rainbow and, while [Apsley]

Someone will put on a smile. [Anastasia]

Ask me a question and I'll [Beefy]

Pour you a drink [dkb]

Ask me for sixpence and I'll [Apsley]

Give you a strange look [Beefy]

Throw me a lifeline and I'll [fester]

Swim far away [B]

Throw me a party and I'll [fester]

Dance with the cook [Apsley]

through me you, Corey W. and I'll [Anon.]

Sink without trace [Apsley]

Through song, dance and I'll [Del Playa DeBaucher]

Find a new liver [TG]

Contributors: B, Beefy, Anastasia, Apsley, fester, dkb, Anon., Del Playa DeBaucher, TG.
Poem finished: 29th April 2001.