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Conception By Maidens (Anchovie's Verses)

"How long will you be up there?" [TG]

The voice fluttered into darkness [Bianca]

I thought once more of Harkness [Roland]

In his silken underwear [Apsley]

"As long as you are living," [Roland]

The answer sent echoes tumbling [Beefy]

Into a distrait fumbling [B]

Of silence unforgiving [Beefy]

Words imagined, hoping expelled [B]

The concept of faint aversion [Beefy]

Thrills me with great perversion [B]

Of a kind that Trotsky yelled. [Apsley]

"What do you want from me?" [Curt!]

A thought of echoes thrilled me [ann wagner]

The hope of kisses filled me [TG]

as My passion quelled. [Curt!]

"Time". The word stood alone. [B]

As such are prone to do [Beefy]

When once released from Whipsnade Zoo, [Apsley]

Into the twilight zone [Beefy]

Contributors: TG, Bianca, Roland, Apsley, Beefy, B, Curt!, ann wagner.
Poem finished: 20th April 2001.