The Spoonbill Generator

Time Itself

We'll try once more before the crash [TG]

to return from obscurity [lou]

From the silent words unspoken [Bianca]

echoing un-uttered sounds [loaf]

Hold your fears, for time [B]

will tell if we can continue [Beefy]

Deconstructing deception [B]

Without ourselves imploding [Beefy]

Despairing soul, tell me [B]

The rhythms that drive the dance, [Apsley]

and the drums that stir the heart [Curt!]

Do they ever miss a beat? [TG]

This song I hummed long ago [B]

Returns in changing formats [Beefy]

Each unto itself a portent [Apsley]

Of hopes unhoped for, undeserving. [B]

Contributors: TG, lou, Bianca, loaf, B, Beefy, Apsley, Curt!.
Poem finished: 18th April 2001.