The Spoonbill Generator

Hook Performance

In the deepest part of the pool [P]

Our eyes looked huge and cold [Roland]

They never blinked but once [TG]

While looking huge and cool [loaf]

In the deepest part of the pot [fester]

My life feels faint, despairing [Bianca]

but fear not, help will come, returning from the pier [lou]

In the forever sea, forever waves [Anon.]

In the deepest shade of vermilion [Beefy]

Thoughts burn with perception lost [B]

They never turn to Friday [Beefy]

They never ask for truth [B]

Contributors: P, Roland, TG, loaf, fester, Bianca, lou, Anon., Beefy, B.
Poem finished: 13th April 2001.