The Spoonbill Generator

Captain Scott's Implosion

At dawn we slew another pig [P]

(A kind of killing infra dig) [Apsley]

The loss of blood is really big [fatty]

But none of us could give a fig [fester]

At Delphi we removed the spleen [Roland]

Of actor David Carradine [Grayman]

Who'd lately graced the silver screen [Roland]

In what? We couldn't give a bean [fester]

At dinner, father sliced the beef [Apsley]

(Really roast loin of Lee Van Cleef) [Fatty]

For, of viands, he was the thief [Apsley]

But always left the lettuce leaf [Grayman]

At bottom, time is water: [Apsley]

Drowning is a kind of slaughter [fester]

For the thin who're getting shorter [Apsley]

Strangled with my old aorta. [Roland]

At the moment, my knife's ripping [fester]

Through Hugh Grant's chest, and I'm gripping [Fattyt]

On a piece of Brecht, and dripping [Apsley]

Like a Cox's Orange Pippin [fester]

Contributors: P, Apsley, fatty, fester, Roland, Grayman, Fatty, Fattyt.
Poem finished: 27th February 2001.