The Spoonbill Generator

The Truth Beyond Ginger

Whipping in ocean tides and winds of the Sicak peninsula [tremious]

Scudding before the gale, sails taut as harp-dtrings [Beefy]

Lost, meek, mellow, motion scims across wind eaten gray [donny]

As speeling goeth crazzy, wipt upp by the storm [Ginger]

With cries that fright the maiden and the tar [P]

Torn in manful speldnour from the raft [Apsley]

Unherd by Gud, unchequed by Nature [Beefy]

Save in sylvan hurried wise [Apsley]

Foreskin my own kin, he cries [Vid]

Contributors: tremious, Beefy, donny, Ginger, P, Apsley, Vid.
Poem finished: 2nd February 2001.