The Spoonbill Generator

Sunday, We Confess

A monstrous sneeze assails the ears [TG]

And eyes of Kubla Kahn [Roland]

It shakes the leaves clean off the trees [TG]

And billows through the barn [Roland]

The Khan awakes, he springs alert [TG]

And, vaulting from the shelf [Roland]

He grabs a brand new tie and shirt [P]

But cannot dress himself [Roland]

He screams to summon serving-maids [TG]

But answer comes there none [P]

And, as the final echo fades [Roland]

He ties his hair in fitful braids [TG]

In homage to the Sun [Roland]

A monstrous sigh escapes the breast [TG]

Of Huckleberry Finn [trad]

It seems he's failed another test [TG]

And lost a strip of skin [Roland]

He lumbers slowly through the yard [TG]

And skirts the silage pit [Roland]

He finds the going rather hard [TG]

And feels the benefit [Roland]

Of all the exercise with Jim [TG]

And other nasty folk [Roland]

And so, upon a sudden whim, [TG]

He sees his chance to choke [Roland]

So much the worse for him! [TG]

Contributors: TG, Roland, P, trad.
Poem finished: 11th January 2001.