The Spoonbill Generator

Iced Mohicans, Anyone?

Zoroaster sunnily bestows his [fester]

Youth [Roland]

X - tremely shiningly sensational [fester]

With undiminished love [Beefy]

Verifies the truth [Roland]

Until [Fatty]

Toasted by queens [Apsley]

Seriously [fester]

Rewarding dignity [dkb]

Quoth [Apsley]

Periphrastic dons [dkb]

Obliviously [Apsley]

Not only for the future [P]

Memorials [Roland]

Located in high streets [p]

Kinder than an obstacle [Roland]

Jasmine [fester]

Inks a pattern on her sole [Roland]

Harder than obsidian [fester]

Guacamole [Roland]

Frenchmen dare not say the word [fester]

Élite [Roland]

Dostoyesky's so discreet [Apsley]

Creams his curd [Roland]

Butters [Fatty]

A likely parsnip [P]

Contributors: fester, Roland, Beefy, Fatty, Apsley, dkb, P, p.
Poem finished: 9th January 2001.