The Spoonbill Generator

Titograd Cathedral, Fatuous In Defeat

Waltzing through the alley-way [PeterWRC]

Carefree as a coot [Beefy]

I think "What did Raleigh weigh [fester]

Before he'd heard of fruit? [Roland]

"And how did Alexander [fester]

Wear his goatish beard?" [Apsley]

This surely does demand a [P]

nalysis most weird [loaf]

Ski-ing down the mountain-side [Fatty]

Midway through the drought [Roland]

Demands an accounting - why'd [fester]

The weather all run out? [Roland]

And why did Napoleon [fester]

Hide beneath his bed? [DonnyJ]

With my slippers solely on [Roland]

And a bum spankt' nicely red! [Curt!]

Crashing through the stratosphere [Apsley]

Fat as any stoat [Roland]

Comes the sonic boom we hear [Apsley]

But rarely choose to quote [Roland]

Flying down the autobahn [fester]

Teeth akimbo quite [Roland]

Telling German priests called Hahn [Apsley]

'Bimbo to your right!' [loaf]

And how did Tutankhamun [Fatty]

Surfing through Nepal [Roland]

With Lord Justice Scarman [Apsley]

Find his royal signet-opal? [Winston1984]

Contributors: PeterWRC, Beefy, fester, Roland, Apsley, P, loaf, Fatty, DonnyJ, Curt!, Winston1984.
Poem finished: 25th December 2000.