The Spoonbill Generator

My Raving Virgin

A perfect wedding in the snow [Hamish]

oh what she's thinking we'll never know [joiedv]

And why should snybody go? [Roland]

The bride looks beautiful, they say [Hamish]

Between the sheets at St Tropez [loaf]

And on a crisp Dornoch Day [Shug Miller]

Like a slightly unkempt virgin [Beefy]

(One that needs no second urging) [Hamish]

Let her final flowers burgeon [Roland]

The whole world looks on in wonder [fester]

Hoping to enjoy the plunder [Apsley]

And avoid the rain and thunder [P]

Apathy falls like rain [Gussie]

We have to watch her wed AGAIN? [Gussie]

[ ]

But maybe Fate has other plans [Binky]

Than those Madonna understands [fester]

Or all her slobb'ring troupe of fans [Roland]

But soft! Methinks I hear a techno beat [DonnyJ]

The sound of dancing teenage feet [fester]

Beneath a kind of wailing bleat [Grayman]

Scrofula bites quite hard [Apsley]

But Madona has vast stores of lard [hamish]

Thus her visage stays unscarred [Roland]

Proud images of stone [Apsley]

We have to watch her wed ALONE? [P]

Contributors: Hamish, joiedv, Roland, loaf, Shug Miller, Beefy, fester, Apsley, P, Gussie, , Binky, DonnyJ, Grayman, hamish.
Poem finished: 23rd December 2000.