The Spoonbill Generator

Sundial Shines

How about this new departure: [Roland]

Now we rhyme the first word only [TG]

Taking what another offers [Roland]

In a dusty silk-lined handbag? [Apsley]

Faking all the final orders [Roland -->

(Inner tubes or spiny lobsters) [Fatty]

Sin of Abram or his father [Apsley]

After some unsure beginnings [Roland]

Dafter than our usual muddle [fester]

Seizing liberated moments [Beefy]

In a hot and steam-filled hammad? [fester]

Rafter-clutching band of he-men [Apsley]

Wheezing in a final lather [Roland]

Cluster 'round the bag of sugar [Apsley]

Thrust a spoon deep into sweetness [fester]

Deep into a hive of lions [Roland]

Hungry for a tasty human [P]

Steeped in a fine marinade [fester]

Angry, or splenetic rather [Roland]

Is this method any better? [Beefy]

If we start with the same letter? [fester]

Can the alphabetic portent [Roland]

Capture all our thoughts important? [fester]

Some'ld doubt it with a vengeance [Apsley]

Sluggishly as they may gather [loaf]

Start and end with the same letters [Fatty]

Independent cognoscenti [Roland]

Say, and then ponder acrostics [fester]

whenever surrounded by agnostics [Curt!]

Whoops! That was the ear of a sow [Grayman]

Reeking of some tabloid blather... [Apsley]

Contributors: Roland, TG, Apsley, Fatty, fester, Beefy, P, loaf, Curt!, Grayman.
Poem finished: 22nd December 2000.