The Spoonbill Generator

I Stagger Under Fourfold Fardels

Time and again, with weary tread [Roland]

He walked the path of death [fester]

Reciting from 'The Winter's Tale' [loaf]

Till he was out of breath [fester]

And started on 'MacBeth' [Roland]

Repeatedly, with weak, wracked voice [fester]

He croaked the wretched lines [Roland]

Yet stumbled onwards, weakly, slow, [fester]

Oblivious to signs [P]

Or Beckettt's divines [Apsley]

And yet again, with weary heart [Fatty]

He stumbled 'til he fell [Roland]

Still mouthing words that made no sense [fester]

Like Abfahrt and poubelle [Roland]

As he crawled on through Hell [fester]

Contributors: Roland, fester, loaf, P, Apsley, Fatty.
Poem finished: 15th December 2000.