The Spoonbill Generator

Getting to Loathe You

Dinner jacket,, morning-suit [loaf]

Both go well with purple boots - [fester]

Daubed with treacle, doused with Schnapps [Roland]

Time to play a game of Krapp's [Apsley]

Time to sing a cheery lay [Beefy]

In the merry month of May [fester]

Hot tobogan, melting glue [Apsley]

Both rush down the hill at speed [P]

Through the forest, cross the copse [Apsley]

Time to spray the neighbour's crops [fester]

With the finest wheaten beer [Apsley]

Filtered through my bladder, dear [fester]

Old Bob Dylan, spruce U2 [Apsley]

Mott the Hoople, Status Who? [Beefy]

Elvis Presley, Tommy Steele [Apsley]

Time to play for Howard Keel [fester]

At the concert in the skies [Apsley]

With my thumbs between my thighs [loaf]

Eustace Jšntzen, what's your name? [Apsley]

Why is everyone the same? [Roland]

Daubed with butter, dipped in Gin, [Glyn]

Take my haddock for a spin! [Apsley]

Drive it down the road a bit [Glyn]

Hope to stop before the pit [loaf]

Boris Becker, Johnny Mac [TG]

All the crew from up the track, [Apsley]

Spread with lard and grilled for hours [Fatty]

They don't live for sex and flowers [Apsley]

They live to hit each others' balls [fester]

Into suburban shopping malls [Apsley]

Contributors: loaf, fester, Roland, Apsley, Beefy, P, Glyn, TG, Fatty.
Poem finished: 13th December 2000.