The Spoonbill Generator

The Strangler Ripped Asunder, Asunder

Perhaps a Lithuanian [Roland]

Accidentally like a martyr [P]

Maybe just a little Tartar [Roland]

Or evenTransylvanian [fester]

Could aspire to be the Pope [Apsley]

Perhaps a Mauretanian [fester]

Incidentally like my old headmaster [Apsley]

Maybe just a little gaga [fester]

Or worse, a Pennsylvanian [Grayman]

Could supply a little dope [Beefy]

Perhaps a lewd and drunk Iranian [Apsley]

Fundamentally speaking Farsi [fester]

With bulging metatarsi [Apsley]

Or worse, Mesopotamian [fester]

Could finish Chapter Nine [TG]

Perhaps the splintered cranium [fester]

Coincidentally not from Thailand [Apsley]

But probably Long Island [tea leaf]

Is leaking raw uranium [P]

Up and down his spine. [Roland]

Perhaps a bug-eyed alien [fester]

Saying "Take me to your leader" [Grayman]

Will enslave us sorry creatures [fester]

Into the bounds of jail again [Apsley]

And aspire to be the Pope [fester]

Contributors: Roland, P, fester, Apsley, Grayman, Beefy, TG, tea leaf.
Poem finished: 5th December 2000.