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Ninepenny Lithuanians - A Rhapsody

Cashier, change this love-note [Roland]

For euros by the score [fester]

Such that, if not spent in vain [Roland]

Might as well go down the drain [Beefy]

Of chagrin evermore [Roland]

Croupier, stop that spinning [Apsley]

And change these tokens bright [Roland]

Into shiny waistcoat studs [Apsley]

Something echt amid the duds [Roland]

To help me win the fight [P]

Courier, rush these roses [Roland]

To her whom I admire [P]

Ere they wither on the stem [Roland]

(The little cash I paid for them [P]

Shall mystify the buyer) [Roland]

Furrier, spare those foxes [P]

On them my care bestow [Apsley]

Let them live among the hens [TG]

Who, in a paparazzo's lens [Roland]

Of quartz, will put on a fine show [Apsley]

Contributors: Roland, fester, Beefy, Apsley, P, TG.
Poem finished: 27th November 2000.