The Spoonbill Generator

Once Is Never Too Rarely

Once, just once, could someone let me know [TG]

Why the brown bassoonist had to go? [Roland]

He said he had to seek the summer snow [TG]

He knew he had to seek the icy floe [P]

Way up North, where double reeds do grow [Roland]

A lonesome quest to find the narwhal's kin [P]

And ply them with beef jerky and cheap gin [TG]

Had seemed the only way to save his skin [Roland]

Or find a noble beast to put it in [P]

Way up North, where frozen wastes begin [TG]

The lone bassoonist, walking on the ice [P]

Had chanced upon a walrus, teaching mice [TG]

The use of a preposterous device: [Roland]

Their minds were numb; he had to tell them thrice [TG]

But still they shunned his sensible advice [P]

At length he found the bed of twofold reeds [TG]

All incubated from young oboe-seeds [Roland]

Enough there were to satisfy his needs [TG]

And further; thus his questing deeds [Roland]

Became the stuff on which a legend feeds [P]

Contributors: TG, Roland, P.
Poem finished: 26th November 2000.