The Spoonbill Generator

Stories, Confabulations and Tears

Bright she was [Roland]

And full of grace [fester]

Shining in the dawn [Apsley]

As she sang so sweetly [fester]

Thoughts of Dennis Wheatley [Roland]

Filled my mind that morn [fester]

Thoughts bizarre and base. [Roland]

Blood there was [fester]

Upon her face [P]

Dripping at the jowl [Roland]

As she screamed so loudly [fester]

Thoughts of St.John Rowdleigh [loaf]

Filled my mind with foul [fester]

And rampant lines of verse. [Apsley]

Dark he was [Fatty]

And full of punch [Apsley]

Welter-weight and fly [loaf]

As his deadly left hook [fester]

Thoughts of Captain Cook [Roland]

Filled up my mind's eye [fester]

Like a small, free lunch [loaf]

Golden-eyed [Beefy]

Goal denied! [Roland]

Thus the weary poet wends his way... [Apsley]

Contributors: Roland, fester, Apsley, P, loaf, Fatty, Beefy.
Poem finished: 25th November 2000.