The Spoonbill Generator

Favourite Cheese-Mongers

Beefy, Loaf and Costorphine all went upon a jaunt, [Apsley]

Chastity their charabanc, honesty their haunt [Roland]

As ever was it theirs, save when Roland came to call; [Apsley]

When first they'd wake up Apsley, then go and have a ball [fester]

Stacy once did haunt this page and pen a merry rhyme, [Apsley]

Chastity her omnibus, and verity her crime [fester]

A crime, indeed, most heinous and bloody to behold, [Apsley]

Said Apsley to anyone who'd stay still and be told [fester]

But fester was of sterner stuff, and soon did run amok, [Apsley]

Suffocating everyone with Apsley's smelly socks [fester]

And decapitating Fatty with one blow from P's dramatic axe [Apsley]

After strangling Anastasia with Grayman's nylon slacks [Fatty]

Tu succh a scene, ellie brought a calm that was serene [Apsley]

Till evil doctor fester removed the poor girl's spleen [fester]

For disembowelling maidens was a passion he could not [Apsley]

Do on land, but had to do upon Sir Apsley's yacht [Fatty]

Contributors: Apsley, Roland, fester, Fatty.
Poem finished: 21st November 2000.