The Spoonbill Generator

Glistening Obbligatos

Oh ripely reeking Camembert! [wickernipple]

Oh aromatic Brie! [Roland]

Oh fecund, rich and throaty Chèvre! [Apsley]

Stay with me forever! [loaf]

Ah, lovely plastic Mastercard! [Apsley]

It makes me feel so stiff! [Fatty]

Ah, throaty Visa, all a-flex! [Apsley]

Spare our bankrupt necks! [loaf]

Ugh, ever crawling Underground! [Apsley]

Pallid, sullen trains! [Roland]

Ugh, ever foetid Metro dim! [Apsley]

Spout no claggy hymn! [Roland]

Eh, plotless aimless Beckett book! [Apsley]

And Kafka, sveldt and suave [Roland]

Eh, Pinter with your plots so odd! [Apsley]

You're such a silly sod! [fester]

Aye, tangerines and tourniquets [Roland]

Aye, lime-scented swabs [fester]

Aye, respirator rasping on [Roland]

Give to me that last bon-bon! [Apsley]

Contributors: wickernipple, Roland, Apsley, loaf, Fatty, fester.
Poem finished: 15th November 2000.