The Spoonbill Generator

Spanner Hatred

Now the fat is in the fire [Roland]

Now the bird is on the wire [P]

Start the clock [Roland]

With a sock [Apsley]

On your cock [Fatty]

His heart's desire. [Anastasia]

Now the rat is in the oats [Fatty]

Now the wolves are in sheepcoats [Roland]

Start the match [Fatty]

With a patch [Roland]

Smeared with thatch [Apsley]

Worth three groats [Roland]

Now the cat is in the air! [Apsley]

Now the werewolf must beware [Roland]

Start to rave [Apsley]

Misbehave [Roland]

In my grave [Apsley]

Over there ... [Roland]

Now the bat flies at your throat - [Apsley]

Now the sheep is in his cote [Roland]

Will she live? [Apsley]

Not in a sieve [Roland]

Or with Viv [Apsley]

The nano-goat [Roland]

Now the tat is up for sale [Apsley]

Now that we're beyond the pale [Roland]

Will they cope? [Apsley]

Not a hope [Roland]

Antelope [fester]

And nightingale [Roland]

Contributors: Roland, P, Apsley, Fatty, Anastasia, fester.
Poem finished: 8th November 2000.