The Spoonbill Generator

Cullington's Theorem

There, dancing on my cranium [Roland]

(In seven-thirteen time) [Beefy]

Two atoms of uranium [Roland]

That have no sense or rhyme [Apsley]

And half a lifetime wasted [Roland]

And half of life not tasted [P]

Corrodes me like a crime [Roland]

Here, on my left posterior [Beefy]

(in sultry black-and-white) [Roland]

Was a message must ulterior [Apsley]

A mirror image on the right [Kendra]

Of the atom, rudely shattered [Apsley]

Deep-fried after being battered [fester]

And skulking out of sight [Roland]

Where, in my molar cavity [Beefy]

(In pink and fleshy state) [Rob]

An act of real depravity [fester]

Takes place each night at eight [Beefy]

When burnished Slavs do wrestle [Apsley]

And mortar strives with pestle [Roland ]

To ape the form concavity [Apsley]

Contributors: Roland, Beefy, Apsley, P, Kendra, fester, Rob.
Poem finished: 30th October 2000.