The Spoonbill Generator

Recriminations Against The Hideous Nymphet

In olden days, a glimpse of Hockney [Apsley]

From a floating hearse [P]

Would give you boils and acne [fester]

But taste just goes; cultural foes! [MRQ]

The pantomime is living suff'ring [Apsley]

Music Hall is worse [(Sam)]

Like proferring a duff ring [Apsley]

To those whose woes no-one knows [TG]

I paraphrase the sylvan ballad [Apsley]

'Lady of the Silver Wood': [Grayman]

With thoughts forever coloured [Beefy]

By the tincture of my nose [Apsley]

I trip upon the kite's elastic [Beefy]

As I might and surely should; [Apsley]

As one might chase a lost stick [Beefy]

Or massacre one's many foes [P]

In olden days, the smell of thunder [TG]

Vanquished foes from all around [Apsley]

Making everybody wonder [hamish]

Where redundant lightning goes [Roland]

Does it hover in the aether? [Apsley]

Does it heaven-ward rebound? [Roland]

I suspect that it does neither [Beefy]

I shan't say what I suppose. [Roland]

In olden days, the last Picasso [Apsley]

Left us wreathed in smiles [Roland]

Let's order an espresso [Beefy]

The same as Pablo chose [Roland]

We'll drink its dregs in French Morocco [Apsley]

Bound for other climes [fester]

In search of a scirocco [Beefy]

The Captain cries out "There she blows!" [fester]

Contributors: Apsley, P, fester, MRQ, (Sam), TG, Grayman, Beefy, hamish, Roland.
Poem finished: 25th October 2000.