The Spoonbill Generator

Integumental Teletubbies (Seventeen Hours Ago)

Mine is the eggcup, yours is the hake, [Apsley]

I'll watch the biscuit, you wash the cake [fester]

In red detergent, bought from The Mill, [Apsley]

Lathered with swill [Loaf]

Thine is the herring, mine is the coal [fester]

I'll rove the cosmos, you geld that mole! [Roland]

Then in a jar, my Granny pickles [fester]

Elephants' victuals [Apsley]

Mine is the powder, yours the lorry [fester]

You have hysterics, why should I worry? [Roland]

In a brown study, full of old tomes [fester]

Jezebel roams ... [Roland]

Theirs is the power, mine but the glory [Apsley]

Yours is the myth, mine the mere story [Roland]

Told by an idiot, meaningless cant [Beefy]

Not relevant [Loaf]

Thine is the anvil, cast out of zinc [Apsley]

Thine the aroma, mine the mere stink [Roland]

Put them together, what shall befall? [Beefy]

Nothing at all ... [Roland]

Thus, in conclusion, Paddington Bear [Apsley]

A jar of marmalade and the mayor [fester]

A sorry old tale, unearthed by the press [Beefy]

God, what a mess! [P]

Contributors: Apsley, fester, Loaf, Roland, Beefy, P.
Poem finished: 24th October 2000.