The Spoonbill Generator

My Song of Glass

Sleep darkly in your mellow haze my love, [MRQ]

Let dreams arise and soothe away the pain [TG]

For morning lurks, the daylight demon [MRQ]

Riding roughshod over sorrow's hurts [Apsley]

To drive away the balm that slumber brings [TG]

And in its place instal a radiant shrine [Apsley]

Where I, your humble worshipper, may kneel [Beefy]

And, with due credence, place my secret sign [Apsley]

Upon the tomb of one who loved not once [P]

But thrice and forever [MRQ]

Melt silence with the air that you breathe out [Apsley]

Let vapour be a cataplasm, a balm [Roland]

An essence that transports the Port of Rome [Apsley]

Into the nostrils of your supplicants [TG]

Where, inspired, it inspiration brings [Grayman]

Across each eager threshold, each domain [Roland]

Where I, your humble worshipper, may dwell [MRQ]

And, with each breath, renew my fealty [Beefy]

My loyalty, allegiance, trust and vows, [Apsley]

With heart revitalised [Grayman]

And ... if you waken ... let it not be vain [Roland]

Let thoughts of your admirer fill your mind [Beefy]

And ... if he chooses ... let him wander by [Roland]

With time to wring from life the residue [Apsley]

Of that which used to drench and drip [Grayman]

Unbidden through his veins with pangs of fire [Beefy]

Alike to those that worried still th'ethiope of yore [Apsley]

And let your waking eye rejoice again [Beefy]

In celebration's vital dance of life [Apsley]

Victorious resurrection [Grayman]

Contributors: MRQ, TG, Apsley, Beefy, P, Roland, Grayman.
Poem finished: 19th October 2000.