The Spoonbill Generator

Tents Erected in Plymouth Sound

'Give me the buzz!' I shrieked in blunt Welsh [Apsley]

The boom swinging over my head [Roland]

The sight of the sail caused the girl to turn pale [Beefy]

And bring up her boots in my shed [Apsley]

What was the word that the helmsman had said? [P]

"Valhallah" is crusty welsh toast! [MRQ]

So decried the battered fusilier, [Apsley]

The sight of his chin made my toe-nails grow in [Roland]

While my wife shed a pendulous tear: [Apsley]

What was the song she was longing to hear? [P]

"Peel me a Whelk!" I requested at length [TG]

To those with the shrimps in their hair [Grayman]

The sight of the pin brought tear to the eye [MRQ]

Of my spouse so inestimably fair [P]

What was the ditty she sang in Auxerre? [Beefy]

'Eier mit Schnapps' is breakfast in bed [Apsley]

To eggheads who live in a haze [Grayman]

The sight of the yolk quite enthuses the folk [Beefy]

Who live on a sledge all their days [Apsley]

Too cold to consistently laze [Grayman]

"Full fathom five!" said the mate, but he lied [Beefy]

As the ship ran aground on the rocks [Apsley]

The groan of the keel as she started to heel [Beefy]

Her cargo of corduroy socks [P]

Whence came the ticking of water-filled clocks? [TG]

Contributors: Apsley, Roland, Beefy, P, MRQ, TG, Grayman.
Poem finished: 16th October 2000.