The Spoonbill Generator

Whose Shift Avoids Whose Pellicule?

The grumpy armadillo sat in front of his computer [ellie]

(His data entry skills were quite beyond compare) [fester]

And penned a witty novel full of fury and envy [Apsley]

Though quite unreadable by man [Aa]

Or elk, save of nomadic kind [Apsley]

The grunting abolitionist sat cranking up his printer [TG]

(His pen of wrath was spitting in the half-light of the moon) [Apsley]

And scrawled his manifesto bespattered with gravy [Grayman]

Alas too learned for poor folk [Apsley]

And too scruffy for any save the blind [Grayman]

The gruff-voiced architect sat elevating his penumbra [Apsley]

(His shadower was taking time to eat and bathe his toes) [TG]

And typed a lyric ballad that Wordsworth would have envied [Apsley]

Though scarcely legible by day [Roland]

by night, his dainty ballad caused much quarrel among his foes [chris]

The gryphon and the aardvaark came to blows about a picture [TG]

(His Highness Prince Ludolphus found it quite ridiculous) [Apsley]

And never spoke for decades save through friends' intercession [TG]

Alas too humble and subtle [Apsley]

For anyone lives beneath the floes [Beefy]

Contributors: ellie, fester, Apsley, Aa, TG, Grayman, Roland, chris, Beefy.
Poem finished: 3rd October 2000.