The Spoonbill Generator

My Zebra Toes

The stillness of the day, the ceaseless hum [TG]

Makes me numb [Apsley]

and empty - head is pounding like a drum [ellie]

Full of rum [Apsley]

The coldness of the night, the slightest creak [Grayman]

Bites my beak [Apsley]

brains drip on the carpet from my head leak [ellie]

Upon leak [Apsley]

The silence of the lamb, the minty sauce [TG]

On the horse [Apsley]

While underneath the mechanism lies [Roland]

In all confusion [MRQ]

The eloquence of art, the blobs of paint [TG]

(Ain't they quaint?) [Apsley]

Reveals what can be issued through restraint [TG]

From vile taint [Apsley]

Contributors: TG, Apsley, ellie, Grayman, Roland, MRQ.
Poem finished: 3rd October 2000.