The Spoonbill Generator

Earthly Salutes

Perhaps it was just that the Fates took a hand [TG]

When she ordered a pizza that day [Aa]

Who could have foreseen that a colliery band [Beefy]

Would take part in a grievous affray? [Apsley]

The ponderous moped that mounted the kerb [Grayman]

With a will of its own, made of steel, [Apsley]

Was hauntingly evil (or so read the blurb) [TG]

And it lacked any kind of appeal [Roland]

Lachesis hates anchovies, so it is told [Beefy]

For they give him a fright in the night [Apsley]

And pineapples make all his digits feel cold [ellie]

With a strange deep suspicion of light [Apsley]

But Clotho's addicted to bass drum and brass [TG]

In a way that all wizards avoid [Apsley]

For it lacks all the trappings of breeding and class [Grayman]

That the cousins of Caesar enjoyed [Apsley]

So Atropos cut me a slice, (rather small) [Grayman]

Which happens to taste as the wind, [Apsley]

And the band kept in tune as they started to brawl [TG]

With the faeces the porter had binned [Apsley]

Contributors: TG, Aa, Beefy, Apsley, Grayman, Roland, ellie.
Poem finished: 27th September 2000.