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Fondling Benedict: The Groan Matrix

When Time has run its merry dance [Apsley]

And stormclouds roil and thunder [Anna]

It's very little wonder [Beefy]

That half-dead pixies prance [Apsley]

And dance themselves into a trance [Anna]

A trance than which the troubadours [Apsley]

Can ne'er predict nor wish to [Anna]

Conjure up in Bantu [Apsley]

While planing louvre doors [TG]

Through portals soon lost [Aa]

In the mists of Khatmandu [Beefy]

Where the snake and panda do [Apsley]

Make patterns in the frost [Grayman]

Such patterns tax the mind of man [Apsley]

And mind of mouse and bat [TG]

While Ostrogoth and Astrakhan [Roland]

Throw marbles in the van [Beefy]

The van from far Japan [Apsley]

Contributors: Apsley, Anna, Beefy, TG, Aa, Grayman, Roland.
Poem finished: 17th September 2000.