The Spoonbill Generator

Gratia nobis fructus agimus benedicte nisi veniam purpuriens

Spry raindrops against a beercan tinkle [MRQ]

Kerbside audio-visual art [Grayman]

That when in the rusty sink'll [Apsley]

Grow two heads and smell like a tart [Looby]

Damp leaves and old carpet [MRQ]

Slippers warming at the hearth [Beefy]

Oysters, frying in the car, get [Apsley]

No nearer to the tenfold path [TG]

Bucolic grassy vistas rise [Looby]

As monliths before my eyes [Anon.]

The apes are loth to sympathise [Yoxi]

With all the visions I devise [Apsley]

Whimsy, never seeking meaning [TG]

From the spiders in the porch, [Apsley]

Adds its voice to distant keening [Beefy]

To find the one it will debauch [Anna]

Small birds chirping in the trees [Karen W]

Send a message to our friends [Apsley]

Whilst sundry random squads of fleas [Looby]

Bemoan a task that never ends [Apsley]

Lightning flickers over yonder [TG]

Where the nascent thunder grows [Apsley]

Hear the roar of a clapped out Honda [Anna]

Getting up the parson's nose [Beefy]

Hear the breathing of a snowdrop [Apsley]

While the organ pumps a blast [Anna]

On the mighty note of C sharp [Apsley]

Recall again the ancient past [Anna]

Join the old el paso party [bill]

Be called a frump when you're ever so tarty [Apsley]

Contributors: MRQ, Grayman, Apsley, Looby, Beefy, TG, Anon., Yoxi, Anna, Karen W, bill.
Poem finished: 3rd September 2000.