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Against Tintin: Yesterday And Today

When Friday rolls eventually around [Beefy]

It'll be Yak-Kicking Day in Tibet [fester]

For there it's the style to make them resound [Apsley]

Before they begin to forget [Roland]

Each Sherpa with boots must kick twenty yaks [fester]

or his forfeit will be very dire [MRQ]

For the seventeen men in their dirty grey macs [TG]

get tied up with MIG welding wire [mrq]

The yaks for this purpose are carefully bred [Sarka]

They're taught not to harbour a grudge... [Yoxi]

The live by the hollow, in a big shed, [Apsley]

We'd move them, but can't make them budge [TG]

For the yak is a breed that is hardy and tough [Apsley]

And not prone to stumble when kicked [Beefy]

Into the maelström where all the rough [Apsley]

Trade goes when partners are picked [TG]

Contributors: Beefy, fester, Apsley, Roland, MRQ, TG, mrq, Sarka, Yoxi.
Poem finished: 29th August 2000.