The Spoonbill Generator

Phyllis, My Secret Squirrel

We met in Dublin, in disguise, [Fester]

Fair City's beer glass swayed my eyes [MRQ]

It wasn't such a great surprise [Beefy]

To meet that pair of sparking eyes [MRQ]

Those eyes that lit up and glowed bright [fester]

Shining with the second sight [Grayman]

A spanish girl or Molly's ghost? [MRQ]

It matters little, in the night [TG]

But sober monr brough such a fright! [MRQ]

My pants, it seemed, were far too tight [Looby]

And I was blasted with a blight [P]

A touch of shore leave spent unwise. [spedders]

Sweet venery, your souvenir [Looby]

Has caused me quite a fright, I fear [TG]

I very nearly spilled my beer [fester]

There, in Dublin, far but near. [MRQ]

I shall return, some fog-bound morn [Looby]

When on a listless stretcher borne [Apsley]

Upon my loins, a crown of thorn [Yoxi]

Left there by her whose love was lorn [Apsley]

Contributors: Fester, MRQ, Beefy, fester, Grayman, TG, Looby, P, spedders, Apsley, Yoxi.
Poem finished: 15th August 2000.