The Spoonbill Generator

Birthdays Passed Without Mints

August presence or August presents, what will be thy choice? [spedders]

Let me know thy wishes, Light of my Desire [Beefy]

I don't know how to please [MRQ]

but you should say and I will bring your season [Anon.]

Twilight dreams or dreams of twiglets, everyone must know [Beefy]

Tell of parched lips in sleep confusion [MRQ]

Slake your thirst at midnight [Grayman]

but morn will still feel throat gripped [MRQ]

Hairy hounds forever hounding hares, the circle turns [TG]

in sleep I find you unforgiving [Space Cow]

Like the canine ravished leverets [spedders]

Who snarl, with passion drooling [Space Cow]

Defy the urge to deify the sturgeon, sucking eggs [TG]

Such placid virginity cannot help you now [Sarka]

Beyond the reach of oysters' shell [Apsley]

The vinagared pearl dissolves [Yoxi]

Contributors: spedders, Beefy, MRQ, Anon., Grayman, TG, Space Cow, Sarka, Apsley, Yoxi.
Poem finished: 14th August 2000.