The Spoonbill Generator

Wattle Orb Brie (Summer)

Whatever happened to summer? [TG]

I lost it one day in my purse [Space Cow]

Along with those days of my folly and youth [P]

All wasted in verminous verse [Roland]

I never happened to notice [fester]

How quickly each day turned to dusk [TG]

The light disappeared, my voluminous beard [Space Cow]

Was nest to four geese and a duck [fester]

The seasons defy all our longings [TG]

They do as they please when they like [fester]

You may season your wood or your salad [Yoxi]

You may dally with plovers, or shrike [Yes Please]

But you'll not put an end to this ballad [Apsley]

J'y ferai - sur ta bicyclette! [Yoxi]

Contributors: TG, Space Cow, P, Roland, fester, Yoxi, Yes Please, Apsley.
Poem finished: 13th August 2000.